AC Repairing- Keeping You Cool

When your air conditioner breaks out right in the middle of a hot summer, beads of sweat start pouring down your body, almost, instantly. And this is not just due to the heat, but also due to the added tension of finding a good repair service company, real quick. A nightmare, isn’t it?

I too went through similar nightmares and suffered a lot in the hands of incompetent repairmen, before I came across Mercury Control AC, one of the best air conditioner repair companies that Houston has to offer. They repaired my air conditioner in no time and made it as good as new with minimal fuss and within my budget.

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Minimum Effort And Maximum Efficiency

The company is quite capable of dispelling all your air conditioning woes and the trained staff here can repair your ACs with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. It has been serving the Greater Houston area since 1964 and thus has over 40 years of experience, so you know you are in good hands.

Skilled professionals here are capable of repairing almost any type of AC with ease. They are well known for their punctuality and never miss on appointments. And more importantly, they are genuine and patient.

Services Provided

Services include and are not limited to: changes in the air filters, replacing the belt for the air handler fan, keeping the pulleys and motor lubricated, adjusting belt tension, adding refrigerant, sealing refrigerant leaks, fixing electrical problems like a faulty contact, cleaning the coils and straightening bent pins, etc.

Usage & Reliability

I am personally a great admirer of their services as I have not faced any problems with my unit since they have repaired it a couple of years ago. Apart from regular repairs, they are also well-known for their preventive check-ups, regular maintenance services and emergency repairs. Company’s skilled professionals are well equipped with all the tools required to perform their duties efficiently and in a timely fashion.

Repair and More!

The best part about this company is their friendly staff. They just seem to be ever ready to help you out on almost anything related to AC. Recently, one of my colleagues had to replace his air conditioning system as the compressor failed, and there were too many refrigerant leaks. I suggested him to call Mercury and they were right on the task!

They helped him decide which cooling system to buy, what capacity is required and where to position it. He was pleasantly surprised with the way he was received on the telephone and couldn’t stop admiring the helping attitude of their staff all day long. Even now, he thanks me for my valuable recommendation. That’s how impressed he is!

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Believe me and give them a try. I can assure that this company will definitely keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. In cases where a unit cannot be repaired, or the investment required to repair the unit is not worth it, they will let you know of the same straight away, instead of keeping you in dark just to make some money. I have certainly enjoyed their services and will continue to do so. You should also get on board to avail the best cooling options Houston has to offer this summer!