All about testosterone supplements

We should first see how testosterone actually works in the body. This hormone is secreted from the testicles and lets out the gonadotropin secretions for the development of the male primary and secondary characteristics. The secretions are controlled by the brain. As the person ages the secretion of testosterone levels dip and the male will experience lower sexual drive, erectile dysfunction etc.

It also helps in the muscle and bone tissue growth and mass by maintaining the calcium, phosphorus nitrogen and potassium levels.


Testosterone dosage can be determined only upon the age of each person. This will be started from the low dose of the testosterones. A normal dose of 50 to 400 mg is taken every two or four weeks of time.

Safety of use

Many athletes and mainly the body builders use Testosterone supplements due to its anti-catabolic effects as well as the thermogenic properties. This is caused by increase in the core temperature of the body. It is assumed that a 1-degreeFahrenheit increase in temperature allows 5% of the calories to be burned.

Steroids don’t come risk free as they are medications for certain ailments, but are used other purposes, definitely they will pose a risk to the user. The longer the person uses the more risk he is putting himself/herself into. The results may look astounding but everything has its pros and cons. The use of the drug weans of faster so it is prepared with stronger potency for long lasting effects but it’s very dangerous without a medical advisor around. The most effect way is to try out herbal medications in this regard which have claimed success with lesser or no side effects.

Bodybuilders using testosterone steroids use to gain muscle mass, the decrease in the fat ratios as compared to muscle growth. There is increased stamina as mentioned above it is a performance enhancing drug and this will allow the person to go for a longer period of time without experiencing fatigue.

With the help of the testosterone therapy the efficiency of the food gets increased which leads to a better physique of the muscles. By maintaining proper diet this helps in decreasing the body fat and maintains the muscles in a better way.

This can be used in bulking process, for the treatment of hormone replacement therapy, to increase the performance of the users and for cutting the extra fat in the body.

Nowadays even athletes are interested in cysteine rich food since it can increase their stamina. Cysteine is naturally produced by human body since it is a conditionally very essential amino acid. But when the level of cysteine in the body is not adequate, this can be balanced by consuming cysteine rich foods.

Cysteine is very effective in breaking down mucus. So here it acts as a decongestant and can improve the breathing process. It can enhance the resistance in the body against many infections like influenza. Even bodybuilders rely on this just to improve their performance. Athletes go for it since it can enhance endurance. Visit to know more.