Essential Reminders before Taking Your Car for the MOT Test

Driving a car comes with a ton of responsibility. Nevertheless, it is for the utmost convenience that many people strive to own and operate a car. Apart from regular maintenance, you need to comply with specific regulations for road and environmental safety. One such law is the MOT test. It is a requirement that every vehicle owner needs to meet annually, to determine whether their car is still roadworthy and safe.

In general, MOT services Horndean offers or anywhere across the UK should cost around £55. However, garages typically advertise for much less to attract more clients.

Why is the MOT test necessary? 

While some would think that it is another common test required by the government, it is a preventive measure which can help address potential problems which may appear later on. Since the MOT test is a regulation, non-compliance will result in suspending your privilege to drive that car as well as affecting the validity of your car insurance.

Recent changes in MOT testing

On May 20, 2018, changes in MOT testing were applied to England, Scotland, and Wales. Every defect the MOT tester finds on your car is categorised as either minor, major, or dangerous. Any dangerous or major fault found on your vehicle will result in a failed MOT test. In fact, around 40% of cars that undergo the MOT test for the first time fail.

Apart from the new categories for faults, MOT tests have adopted stricter rules on diesel emissions. Other new test inclusions are tyre inflation, working break pad warning lights, and missing brake pads and discs.

What to do if your car fails the MOT test 

Failing the MOT test generally means you need to get some work done on your vehicle immediately. The garage that conducted the test would usually allow one free retest, as long as the car does not leave the garage. Any dangerous faults found will require the MOT testing garage to proceed with repairs. You will not be allowed to drive off unless you have your car towed to a different garage for repairs. On the other hand, if any fault is only categorised as major, you still have the option of leaving the garage to have your car fixed elsewhere.

How to find a local garage accredited to conduct the MOT test 

There are many local garages qualified to perform the MOT test. You can see a list online or from third-party review sites for consumer products and services. If it is your first time having the MOT test done on your car, you can read online reviews and feedback which can help you choose a testing centre.

Are electric cars and hybrids exempt from the MOT? 

Electric cars and hybrids are not exempt from undergoing the MOT test. The procedure for testing as well as the rules followed are the same as for diesel and petrol cars. As soon as your vehicle is three years old, it needs to undergo testing annually. There is a minor difference with electric cars where the testing centre will no longer conduct an emission test.