How to Edit Photos with Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is equipped with basic photo editing features that most people will find they often use when editing a photos. Its interface is designed for newbie users and it has arranged all the main photo editing tools on the right sidebar. It is easy to use because you just have to click a single button to implement the desired photo editing.

Newbies who are using the software for the first time will quickly learn how all the photo editing tools work. Because it is easy to use, most of the photo editing can be implemented in just a few minutes. Movavi picture editor is suitable for you if you are not familiar in using more advanced photo editing software for editing your photos.

On the right sidebar, you will find photo editing tools such as rotate, resize, and convert to another format in batches. It features an object removal tool that can erase away any object or individual that makes your photo become inappropriate for use in your purpose.

With the object removal tool, you no longer have to use a small eraser to erase away the unwanted object. The object removal tool works just like a clone stamp and it will fill the area of the unwanted object with the pattern similar to the surroundings.

Sometimes, the computer generated pattern based on the surrounding environment may not look perfect. People may notice that it has been edited before. Movavi Photo Editor has provided a clone stamp tool that you can use to touch up the area where the unwanted object was removed so that it look more natural.

To use the clone stamp tool, you must first copy a pattern that is close to the pattern on the area of the erased object. Once you have copied the pattern, you can drag your cursor over the area as if you are painting it with the pattern.

You can access the Object Removal tool by clicking on Object Removal on the right side bar. To remove the unwanted object, you must roughly draw a red outline. You should also mark the object that you want to retain with a green outline.

The picture editing software also works in removing the background of your photo. This works best with plain background that consists of a solid color or same pattern like checkered pattern. You must mark the unwanted background by simply drawing a red line over it.

You must make sure to mark the unwanted background on the left and right sides with the red highlighter tool if there is a subject in the middle.

After you have marked the background with red, you can press the Cut Out button. If it successfully detect the background you mark in red, it will appear transparent. If you insert a new background picture, it will properly displayed in all the transparent area where the old background picture was removed.

Movavi Photo Editor also allows you to add custom captions onto your photos. There are many creative font styles that you can use to add a message on your photos.