Learn About The Criticality Of Steroid Detection Times

In some countries, consumption of anabolic steroids has been banned. Still many athletes consume it and come out cleanly after their medical tests. This is due to the reason that they know it very well how to get around anabolic steroid testing through strict steroid detection times. Let us know more about the critically and truth of steroid detection times.

Benefits of anabolic steroid

Anabolic steroid is very useful for athletes as it gives them enhanced strength and muscle mass, resistance and speedy recovery time after rigorous workouts.

What is steroid testing?

Many people have misconceptions regarding steroid testing. Getting the right knowledge about this type of testing helps in successful completion of all the tests easily. Steroid testing provides the evidence of the use of external consumption of steroid by a person.  It is comparatively more difficult than recreational drug testing. This is due to the reason because our body naturally produces anabolic steroids in the form of hormones. So to detect the traces of these compounds that are consumed externally is difficult. That’s why to perform this testing it requires the use of technology based and complex equipment. Thus steroid testing requires more skills, precision and cost as compared to recreational drug testing.

What can make anabolic steroid testing erroneous?

Anabolic steroid testing requires human input at each and every step of this testing procedure. Besides the use of sophisticated equipment and latest machines for detection purpose, this testing procedure also requires human skills to interpret the results. Sometimes due to inefficiency, carelessness or lack of skills, testing can lead to erroneous results. As steroid testing is a complicated procedure, it is performed in selected laboratories.

Types of steroid testing

The most common type of anabolic steroid testing is standard steroid testing. This type of test measures the levels of testosterone levels present in an individual against their actual epitestosterone levels. The permissible ratio of testosterone levels to epitestosterone levels is 6:1. To get negative results, it is important to eliminate all the drugs from your system to ensure the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone in your body does not exceed the specified limit.

Thus to make sure that you conform not only to the rules and regulation as laid by the organization but also beat the steroid tests, one has to have an in-depth understanding of anabolic steroid testing and its detection times.