These Are the Beneficial Indoor Plants for Your Good Housekeeping

When the universe was made, it started with the nature, and then came into being the Humans. It’s like, first of all the amenities were made available for us and then we were sent to this planet to have a great stay here. With time we have seen so many eras and epochs and finally came into a highly technical new age where everything is very easy. In this development we have eaten up quite a part of our environment and as a result the pollution levels have crept into our picture perfect world. But we can still mend the hole by filling up home with indoor plants and keeping the air toxin free. The benefits of keeping indoor plants are many and it starts from checking your atmosphere to serving your immediate medicinal requirements. And thus, it is a duty for us being a responsible global citizen to plant more and more trees and plants.

Here are some plants that can be kept Indoors to purify the air around you:

Garden Mum: As per the recent research conducted by NASA this plant emerged out to be a champion when it comes to purifying the air. Also known as Chrysanthemum Morifolium, this plant have lively yellow colored beautiful flower and thus your home would become prettier. Pollutants like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from are removed from your indoor air if you have this plant to grace your home. In any garden store you would get this plant and it comes at a reasonable rate.

Spider Plant: I guess this is the easiest indoor plant to grow as it requires minimum maintenance. For lazy pots like me, who hates domestic chores, this is an ideal plant as it is not all a demanding plant. Bright but indirect sunlight is conducive to its growth and thus placing it is not such a hassle.

Bamboo Plant: When you have to remove formaldehyde from air, a bamboo plant is an icon in that case. They can actually filter a bulk amount of air because of its intensity of growth which can be as high as 12 feet. In case you want a smaller version, go for lucky bamboo plants which would keep your environment clean and also pour some good luck in your story.

Aloe Vera: The bright and lively green color has a soothing effect on the mind. Easy to grow, this Aloe Vera plant is good at tackling some serious health issues. The liquid in the leaves of this plant known as aloe vera gel is full of enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids which is beneficial to cure wounds, bacterial growth and inflammation in your body. Intense skin conditions are also treated by this plant.

Cactus Plant: For the dry regions this cactus desert plant would be a beneficial one for its quality of restoring water. If you believe in Feng Shui, placing a cactus in the fame and reputation sector would be beneficial to you. To understand this fame and reputation segment of your home, you must seek the help of a consultant who would give you a proper map of your home and the placement of cactus to bring in good luck.