Gulf Land Structures – Providing Quality Offshore Accommodation

For years, the industry standard for living quarters aboard an oil rig has been fairly low. Often repurposed from military and merchant vessels that have been decommissioned, bunks sleep a few dozen to a single room, wear and tear for years at sea take their toll, and the overall aesthetics can lead to mental issues with the crew and a strain on your expenses with maintenance and accidents. The good folks at Gulf Land Structures have positioned themselves as industry leaders in providing quality offshore accommodations for your crew and stop at nothing to ensure that you and your team are happy and healthy when on the job.

Why go to the expense?

Selling the idea of having quality accommodations to the higher-ups may seem like an uphill battle, but there are several reasons why they should be more keen to upgrade existing facilities or plan for building newer units.

  • Morale

It’s the problem that the military has been facing for a while. Living in small, cramped quarters that don’t offer privacy or extended amounts of sleep can deal a serious blow to the morale of the team. Workers that aren’t happy with where the live and sleep can easily become disgruntled and frustrated, which in turn leads to slower working speeds, increases in accidents, and the loss of qualified personnel. If you provide better living conditions for the team, they will be happier and work more quickly and efficiently.

  • Recruitment

Take a page from public universities when looking at how to get more workers with better qualifications. Just as colleges across the nation are pouring money into lavish dining halls and recreational facilities, you can sell the amenities on board your rig to prospective employees as an incentive for them to sign a contract with you.

  • Retention

Now that you’ve gotten a highly skilled and qualified team, make sure that you keep them for a long time. Higher retention of talent means less time and money spent on training and hiring, and that in turn mean more time spent on the work that gets everyone paid. Having above average living conditions will mean the world to your employees and keep them from getting burnt out and leaving.

Why Gulf Land Structures?

This small team of dedicated and highly-trained individuals is experienced enough to give you the level of quality and expertise that you need, but they aren’t large enough to lose your design needs in the corporate fray. They’ll sit down and consult with you on your exact needs for whatever size project you’re undertaking and make sure that all of the needs of your company and your team are met. Their teams are prompt, professional, flexible, and considerate of details, meaning that your project will get done on time, correctly, the first time. Plus, they don’t just complete new installations. They are intimately knowledgeable about refurbishing existing structures so if your current rig could use an overhaul, they can assist you with that as well. Get in contact with them for more information or to set up a consultation.