Parking lot solutions

When you own a business or company that sees many guests a day, adequate parking sometimes becomes an after though in the struggle to meet demands of everyday. And whether you are building new or extending a previously made parking lot, parking lot construction cost is something that need to be considered before hiring a contractor to lay pavement. The constant question, if it is worth it to expand or build large for a consumer base you are unsure of will need at the end of the day. The cost of concrete or asphalt is expensive and construction can take days or week to complete. But, are you aware of alternatives that may be able to cut cost dramatically?

A better way

Now what do I mean when I say alternatives to concrete and asphalt? I’m I referring to another rock base material that can do the same cheaper? Simply, no, the alternative I mention is call permeable paving. A relatively new system, that looks at paving in a different way. Like I said before the base isn’t one of the dominate methods we use today, instead of using a rock like base, permeable paving uses a plastic one. Yes, a plastic one. Though not in the way that you currently think of paving. Molding the plastic into permeable sheets that can be filled by any material you desire, such as grass and gravel.

How does it work?

Basically, you lay the sheet on an even surface and fill with whatever material you chose and that’s it. But, what makes it better than traditional methods? Well, for starters, before being filled the sheet of interconnected circles can hold an impressive amount of weight on their own, reaching above six thousand pound of pressure for every square inch. Then when the filler is added, the strength of the pavement is comparable to roads today. You may also be wondering why there are openings in the sheets. That’s for water or any other liquid to drain through it and not cause any pooling. Another feature that sets this apart from other methods of paving, is its ability to retain heat on hot summer days. No longer are the days of the deserts when walking to your car.

Saving money

Now here is the important bottom line. Permeable paving is much cheaper than any other paving method today. Because of the pre-fabricated sheets instead of some rock base material. There is no need for expensive mixers or large amount of man power. After stabilizing the ground, the sheets are laid down and filled in almost half the time and man power. Maintenance is also where you will see savings. Asphalt crumbles and concrete gets grimy, which costs money to repair and clean. But, permeable pavements require neither in the way. And with a life time of about 25-60 years there is now worries about replacing it anytime soon.

When, it comes to saving money on construction costs, this new method of paving is one more thing to help with cutting costs and time.