How can I increase my chances of selling my house?

The real estate market in the year-end is a bit quiet as people dedicate time to festivals and New Year celebrations. There are exceptions, and homes do attract. A seller should give a 60-day waiting period to get the right deal. One must know what makes a house sell fast?

A few tips to increase chances of selling a house

Make your paint look great.

Give a cleanup to clear the fallen leaves to impress your buyers. Ensure the landscaping and exterior areas are well-painted. There should not be any exterior peeling paint. Buyers love to see a house with fresh paint, especially the front door and entry.

It looks nice to have holiday decorations up but keep restrictions. It is difficult for any buyer to get the feel of a house or to know the room’s size with more decorations.

Play the agent field

A well-informed real estate agent is the key to success. Hiring the wrong agent will drag each process of selling. Ensure the agent monitors the MLS (multiple listing services), knows the market and the neighborhood. The agent should be tech-savvy and should use many tools so that your house is sold fast.

Ready for winter home

Winter is the time most houses face enormous stress. Ensure the home is winter-ready. It is important to ascertain the HVAC system is in good working condition. Ensure the humidifier and the air filters are new. Get the roof checked and if you find anything damaged, correct it. It will affect the home sale value. Check the basement and siding to ensure the rainwater does not clog. Clean the gutters and keep them free from fallen leaves. Finally, clean the fireplace and chimney. These help during any inspection contingency.

Brighten up inside

Make your home look inviting and warm. Showcase natural light using lightweight curtains. For a brighter inside, hang light-reflecting mirrors. Light a fire in the fireplace. Ensure your home does not reveal any dark area. Install light bulbs with high wattage and generate positive emotions.

Conceal the critters

Having a pet dog always does not warm all the potential buyers. Many dislike the sight of a kitty litter box or a dog bowl with food or pet hair tufts flying around in the entrance. Give your buyers a feel of a clean house. Send the critters for a day to a pet hotel, as you expect buyers to visit.

Flexible timing

Buyers choose holidays for a new house. Begin keeping your mind open for such negotiations. Sometimes you may have to give up the idea of spending in your house the last holiday season. Stay ready with your flexible timing; it helps in selling.