How to find building plots?

Are you a builder or investor looking for building plots in Abu Dhabi? It can be really confusing to choose an ideal plot with so many options in the city. Since Abu Dhabi is one of the prime cities of the UAE, you can see continuous development at a substantial rate. However, a building plot is a considerable investment, and you must consider various factors to find the ideal one. Hence if you are wondering about your dream building plot, here are some quick tips for finding one.

  • Choose an ideal location.

Location is a primary factor when finding the ideal building plot. For instance, if you’re searching for a commercial plot, you should seek a location with a lot of business activity to maximize your return on investment. If you buy a plot in popular business centers across the city, you will see a speedy increase in the value of your property. Whereas, if you need a plot for residential properties, understand the correct geographical choice where people would like to live.

  • Consider the shape and size of the plot.

The most practical shape for the plot is rectangular. This is because, in the case of rectangular plots, you can make use of every square foot of your lot. This is a handy tip, especially when you have size restrictions but want to utilize them best. Finally, avoid purchasing building plots having uneven shapes. These are more challenging to site a home or commercial building properly because they frequently appear at the end of roads or curves, which are challenging to work on.

  • Amenities and the neighborhood

Whether you are buying a plot for commercial or residential building purposes, a land’s value is highly influenced by the facilities and neighborhood. For example, an ideal commercial building would have easy accessibility for its employees, ample space for parking areas, etc. Whereas, when you look for plots for residential purposes should highly focus on family-oriented facilities like education, health, and entertainment spots nearby.

  • The legal status of the land

Lastly, UAE is a country known for following its rules very sincerely. Since land-owning regulations differ according to your nationality and purpose of buying, confirming the plot’s legal status is necessary before making any payments. You may have noticed that many projects encounter delays and become mired in litigation for various legal actions and related reasons. Although it is not necessary, it is advisable to work with a reputable real estate broker to assist with the due diligence and acquisition process.


Everyone has different needs and priorities. But when buying building plots, one needs to be more cautious to make the best of this investment. Thankfully, Abu Dhabi is a city full of opportunities and scope for business. All you need to do is make a wise choice with the help of a trusted broker. With their help, you can research thoroughly and choose from a wide range of options to find your perfect deal in this flourishing city!