The Right Fit for Your Child

The amount of time children spend at school adds up quickly, and they need to be comfortable. One of the essential items they will need is shoes that fit them well. They shouldn’t be too tight, but they shouldn’t be loose either. They need to fit snugly and securely to hold their feet in place and reduce the risk of injuries.

Finding Right children shoes

Comfort and Stability

Your child isn’t going to be happy if their school shoes don’t fit them securely and properly. They need to be comfortable enough to walk and run in. Children should be able to move their toes around the inside of the shoes. Look for those that have a midsole which is shock- absorbing. This will reduce fatigue on the feet. Children play and run often, so they need such protection for their feet.

They also need shoes offering them support, not only around the bottom of the feet, but also along the sides. The shoes should be breathable to allow air to circulate. This will also reduce the chances of foot odours. Such a design can help to keep the feet warm when it is cold out but won’t get the feet too hot when it is warmer.

Comfort and Stability

Quality Made

Buy shoes for your children made from quality materials. Leather is a common material because it is durable and holds up well to the elements. Some shoes for kids only have leather in certain areas, so make sure all of it is leather. The outer sole area should be made from either foam or rubber to offer additional protection.

Take a look at the stitching too, because the shoes will be made in several pieces. If the stitching is coming apart, the shoes will be damaged and your child won’t be able to wear them anymore. A child’s feet can grow quickly, so check their shoes from time to time to ensure they still fit. Older children may tell you their shoes are fitting them differently, but younger children often won’t. If you buy them good quality shoes, they are going to outgrow them before the shoes wear out!

Quality Made


Balance cost with quality to find the right shoes for your children to wear to school. You want them to be comfortable and well protected. You want the shoes to last and to look nice. At the same time, you want to pay a price for them that doesn’t put a huge dent in your budget. Take a look around at the various brands to find what you need! Your children may need to try on several brands before you find the one that fits them best. This is because their feet can all be different.

Shoes for kids can vary in sizing from one brand to the next too. A common mistake is assuming because they were a given size in one brand, they will be the same in the next. If your child is between whole sizes, go with a ½ size between the two. This will give them the most overall comfort and support.

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