Things to Do After Coming Home from a Student Exchange Programme

Joining a student exchange programme is an enriching experience. You will learn lessons that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. From the school where you study to the community where you live, you have a lot to learn from this experience. As you arrive home, you need to do these things before moving on to other activities.

Thank your host family 

You cannot praise your host family enough for everything that they did for you. If you decided to participate in homestays in London with a host family, you could send them a thank you note or email. You might also want to send gifts to them from your country. It is a way of telling them how grateful you are for their kindness and love. They were your family when you were away from home, and no quantity of gifts can equate to what they gave you.

Store your photos 

If you took lots of pictures during your stay, you need to ensure that you saved all of them. You can transfer these photos onto your computer to avoid losing them. You can also use online storage so that even if you break the device, your pictures will be safe. You do not want to lose these photos as they will take you back to your wonderful experience during the programme.

Create a plan to inspire others 

You also need to let others in your community feel inspired by your experience. You can tell them what you did during the programme and give them tips if they also want to join one in the future. If there are experiences that you loved during your stay abroad, you can also do the same with your local community. You can spread the knowledge and values learned to others who do not have the same opportunities as you.

Cook for your family 

During your homestay with another family, you will have learned a few things from them. If you cooked with your host family, you could cook that dish at home. Your family was not with you during your trip, but you can let them taste your experience by bringing that exciting dish home. Your family will appreciate not only the food but your effort to cook for them.

Catch up with your studies and social life 

You were away for a while, and you missed a lot of your studies. You can speak with your teachers to discuss how you can make it up. You can also spend time with your friends you missed. Some student exchange programme can last for a year. It is an extended period, and your friends surely want to spend time with you now that you are back.

It is a wonderful chance to join a student exchange programme. You will learn different things from this experience, and you will want to treasure them. Do not forget to inspire others to try the programme too if they are going to travel and discover new things.